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May Be Delayed

As you know, my plans have been to move back to Carolina at the end of November. Due to health issues I may have to delay the move till the first of the year. Please don’t worry, my health is actually getting better. I have P.A.D. and had to have a stint put into my left leg. I need a stint in my right leg as well, but not sure when that will actually happen. I will know more early in November.


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Yet Another Update

For those keeping track, I’ll be moving back to Carolina at the end of November. Even though I enjoy Texas so very much, I will have a new granddaughter soon and I think its time to devote much more time and effort in being close to my family. I guess the wandering had to end some day…LOL.

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Try Again

Since I had to migrate my old blog from Spaces to here at WordPress, I figure this might be a good time to try to maintain a personal blog again. Of course I haven’t done too well in the past, so don’t expect much…LOL. I do keep the Recovery Daily Blog , Recovery Daily and Recovery Daily (Facebook) sites up to date. Maybe that’s enough, but like I said, I’ll give this one more try

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