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With the birth of Emily, my newest grandchild, I’m really feeling the pressure to be in Carolina by Christmas! My last surgery is tentatively scheduled for the 20th of December. If all goes well I’ll be on the road shortly after that. I do miss everyone there so much and look forward to seeing Emily. Of course, I have the dilemma of missing everyone here in Texas when I get to Carolina… LOL! But what a great dilemma, to love and be loved by so many people in so many places. I guess it’s a great excuse to travel.

Health Update: My next surgery should take care of my P.A.D. for at least a few of years (2-5) as long as I continue to take care of my self. Diet, exercise, meds and no more smoking should do the trick.


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Carolina by Christmas

I found out that instead of a stint in my right leg, I will need a by-bass. The procedure is scheduled for mid December. Hopefully, if all goes well I will then be able to move back to Carolina by Christmas. Really looking forward to seeing all my friends and family there. Of course, I’m going to miss my Texas friends and family very much. I guess I’m going to have to travel back and forth as often as I can.

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