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Carolina… Sooner or Later!

As you all know I’ve been trying to work it out so that I can move back to Carolina. But, it seems things keep coming up that keep me here in Texas. Of course my health has been the biggest issue. It is getting better, and is probably as good as its going to get for a while. I need to make sure my health is as stable as it can be before moving since the health care that I can get here is much more affordable than in Carolina

Also, I have dear friends and family here that are difficult to leave. My Oldest grandson, Ryder is here and he will be celebrating his fifth birthday. This is very big for him and my daughter, He has Dandy Walker Syndrome and the odds of him making it to 5 where very slim. But, he is doing extremely well and this birthday will definitely be cause for celebration. I don’t want to miss that time with him and my daughter.

My roommate Jay is scheduled to have surgery next week and will need someone to help him for a little while. Jay was incredibly helpful to me when I first moved to San Antonio, it’s the least I can do to stay a little while longer to help him out.

So, the current plan is that I’ll be moving at the end of February (end of March at the very latest). We’ll see, I keep making plans and God keeps laughing!


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