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Carolina At Last

It took so much longer than I ever imagined, but I have moved from Texas to Carolina. I know I have been writing about wanting and trying to move for a long time… LOL. Thank you for your patience dear reader.

I’ve been here for about two weeks and I am pretty much settled in. I’m renting a room from an old friend in Raleigh. Gotten most of the furniture I’ll need for my stay. In fact, I have more stuff than I am used to having. I guess I knew I wouldn’t stay in San Antonio forever (even though that was the plan). Hopefully, I’ll be in Carolina for awhile. But, you never know. God has been moving me around the country all my life. Its hard to imagine that this will be the final stop.

Any way, its good to be here, to see Jess and her family. Its also good to see old friends. Most of the folks and meetings haven’t changed much, though there are (as usual with AA) lots of new faces. If all goes well, I hope that I will have some sponsees soon.

Bob (the cat) is doing much better that I had hoped. He seems pretty comfortable here. He has made a couple of friends. He has never really been around other cats. But, he’s learning to play nice… LOL.


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